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Tolkien and Philosophy: Congress - Modena, Italy, May 2010

Tolkien and Philosophy
Saturday, 22nd May 2010
Modena, Italy
The Istituto Filosofico di Studi Tomistici (Philosophic Institute of Thomistic Studies), in cooperation with the Associazione Romana di Studi Tolkieniani (Roman Association of Tolkien Studies), presents the congress "Tolkien and Philosophy".

Guest speakers include Tom Shippey, Verlyn Flieger and Christopher Garbowski, as well as the Italian Tolkien scholars and writers Franco Manni, Andrea Monda and Wu Ming 4.

Papers listed so far include:

"Tolkien between philosophy and philology" Tom Shippey and Franco Manni

"Tolkien's philosophy and theology of death" Christopher Garbowski

"Tolkien as a catholic thinker?" Andrea Monda and Wu Ming 4

"Tolkien's philosophy of time and language" Verlyn Flieger

Admission Free
Venue: congress hall of the Standard Hotel Raffaello
Website http://www.istitutotomistico.it/ (italian)
Info: hunnaur AT alice.it

The organisers suggested accommodation is naturally the Standard Hotel Raffaello, Strada per Cognento 5 - 41100 Modena, Italy:
http://www.standardhotels.net/Modena/Modena.asp but Modena is a tourist town with many solutions for different types of accommodations, ranging from hostel to 5 stars hotels. More information can be found in the Municipality of Modena website: http://turismo.comune.modena.it/index-en.php although the organisers are reccommending for cheap accommodation the hostel San Filippo Neri: http://www.aighostels.com/ricerca.asp?idlocalita=65&idregione=5