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2010-08-08 04:01 pm

Summer Events

Next weekend sees two events for Tolkien fans in Britain, and one in New York, USA. Travelling to them may still be an option for some of you in other countries.

Festival in the Shire

In Wales there is the Festival in the Shire. This event runs 13th-15th August and is a three-in-one event comprising:

a) A three-day academic conference entitled “Welsh influences on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien” (featuring Tom Shippey, Colin Duriez, John Garth, Corey Olsen, Alex Lewis, Colin Manlove, Dr. Dimitra Fimi, and Verlyn Flieger).

b) A fan event for collectors of Tolkien’s books, collectibles, and Tolkien inspired art (including the works of Rodney Matthews, Paul Raymond Gregory, Roger Garland, Peter Pracownik, Ted Nasmith, Ruth Lacon, Stephen Walsh, Sue Wookey, Ivan Cavini and Jon Evans).

c) A summer fair celebrating themes inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien and fantasy in general. By holding three separate events in one this three-day festival should offer something to all types of Tolkien fan their families and children.

Pre-booking is cheaper than on the door and there are several types of ticket available.

Tolkien Society members get 10% off or 20% off for 5 or more people as a group (use code TS2010).

Heren Istarion Summer Picnic

We are one week away from the Northeast Tolkien Society's Summer Harvest Picnic!!. On Sunday, August 15th, from 1pm-5pm at The Conference House Great Lawn, 298 Satterlee Street, Staten Island, NY 10307, USA. As the organisers put it "Understandably some of you will be away at the Festival in the Shire event taking place across the great pond, but if you are not we hope to see you next week!"

Edge of the Wild

Running 13th-16th August Edge of the Wild is a Tolkien-inspired Art Exhibition. Ideal for for those with limited funds, or who are more interested in art than academia, the free entry exhibition features works by Ted Nasmith, Ruth Lacon, Jef Murray and Peter Pracownik, presentations, a display of eagles, plus a 1912 Tolkien original piece of art.
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2010-08-08 11:29 pm

Sad News

It is with great sadness that we must inform TS members and other friends that Zainab Thorp, well known for her Sindarin lessons at Tolkien Weekends and Fellowship Festivals including "How to chat up an elf", passed away in the early hours of Friday 6th.